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UK Train Tickets British Rail Timetables and Fares. Advance rail travel information

Cheapest British Rail Timetables and Fares. Advance rail travel information times, prices & tickets

Experience the romance, adventure, convenience and reliability of rail travel The UK national rail network is convenient. Trains travel between major cities (and minor villages!) with usually one train or more an hour from early morning to late-evening. Although there is no need to book in advance, this is advisable to get the cheapest rail ticket deals and for advance seat reservations. This booking engine is fully impartial rail ticketing website, providing the cheaper way to buy train tickets online in advance (adv). this website provides fast, easy and secure access to timetables, tickets and fares for all National Rail journeys across the UK. For the consumer this means combining the speed and efficiency of the Internet with an increasing need to save time wherever possible up to 80%. With a wide range of delivery options, enabling the customer to book up to 2 hours before travel, You can purchase single or return train tickets. This offers an extensive choice of train journeys expected but without the usual queues and hassle associated with buying a train ticket! Travel the rail way. You can also connrct from the British rail network and travel to France and use the Eurostar and arrive in the French capital in less than 2 hours.

TIPS ON WHICH RAIL TICKET TO PURCHASE UK (point to point) rail fares can be divided into 2 main types, quota or walk on fares: Quota fares are the cheaper fares that are available up to 12 weeks in advance of travel. There are a limited number of each type of these and, as they sell on a particular train, the seats become more expensive. In many cases particularly on intercity trains your ticket includes a reserved seat. Walk on fares are more expensive but are always available. These are the fares you buy when you turn up at a station on the day. The cheapest train tickets for England, Scotland and Wales along with times and prices are normally posted on the website TWO MONTHS in advance. You can select the option to get emails when these cheaper British Rail Advance Tickets come on-line and available to purchase. There are usually three choices of discount ticket prices to select from on the website. If suitable select the ones marked with the letters ADV against them.

The "turn-up-at-the-station-and-purchase-a-ticket" is usually the dearest ticket to purchase. A one way-ticket is shown as a 'Standard Open Single' and a return from the same station as the outward station is shown as a 'Standard Open Return'. If returning from a different rail station, you would need to purchase two different 'Single' tickets. Sometimes these are the only tickets available, because the discount tickets have all been allocated. There is generally a choice of First and Second (or Coach) Class tickets.

Discounted rail tickets: Up tom 80% discount is available. Each rail company has a different name and usually a wide choice of cheaper tickets depending on: how far in advance you purchase the train ticket, conditions of travel and refund options. Go for the very cheapest ticket shown (usually Advance single Tickets - which have ADV written next to them) as available which you are happy with the ticket and travel requirements. Cheap One Way and Return Advance Tickets.

Reservations: Where possible always select for a reserved seat; there is no extra cost. If you can not purchase a reserved seat, you will still be able to travel on the selected train, but you will have to look for a seat which is not allocated to somebody. A seat may be allocated only for a section of the journey and you will have to give it up when the reserved seat ticket holder arrives. Occasionally if a train is very full you may have to stand or lean against something for part of your journey. Book early and reserve to try and avoid this. The earlier you book the better train fair prices you get.

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Marianne in a group of 6 from Oregon & Washington
Hike across England from St Bees to Kirkby Stephen