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What will happen if they discover Nessie

06 July 2018

What happens if someone catches the Loch Ness Monster?

A Scottish government-funded body has a plan in place if the Loch Ness Monster should ever be found. Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) prepared the "partly serious, partly fun" code of practice in 2001 amid a period of intense interest in Nessie. This year's interest has been piqued by scientists gathering DNA from the loch, and Scotland's first minister saying she believes there is a monster. SNH said it would "dust off" the plan if Nessie was discovered. The code of practice was drawn up to offer protection to new species found in the loch, including a monster. It stipulates that a DNA sample should be taken from any new creature, and then it should be released back into the loch.

Walking The Great Glen is a good way to get a chance of spotting The Loch Ness Monster.

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