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Tunnels Discovered in Edinburgh

17 February 2017

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Scientists explore Edinburgh's mystery cave network. If you are visiting Edinburgh this year you might find there is a new site to see other than The Castle, and Rosslyn Abbey.

New light is being shed on a mysterious network of tunnels and caves carved out of rock underneath Edinburgh. Scientists using radar imaging equipment have discovered the ancient passageways at "Gilmerton Cove" extend much further than originally thought. More chambers have also been uncovered during the research project, BBC Scotland has learned. They caves lie under the former mining village of Gilmerton in the south of Edinburgh. Druids and witchcraft Experts have long been baffled by the origins of the underground passageways and chambers. They include stone benches, tables and even a small chapel hand-carved out of the sandstone. The network has been linked to druids, witchcraft, a gentlemen's drinking den and even Mary Queen of Scots.

You can visit Edinburgh before and after our Highland Walking Tour 4 night Great Glen Walk in the Highlands from and return Edinburgh.

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Just want to let you know that grandson Tommy & I really enjoyed the hike and all of your scheduling and accommodations were excellent! We even had pretty good weather with some rain & cold & wind, but nothing severe. Your timing was good, too, as it snowed the night after we arrived in Fort William and all of the mountain tops were covered in snow!

All of the B&B`s were really nice and enjoyable - very friendly. It was a good introduction to Scotland for Tommy and another wonderful experience for me. The West Highland Way is a nice way to see that area and we met lots of friendly hikers from other places - even some from Scotland. Glasgow and Edinburgh are interesting & fun, but the walk was our most favorite part of the adventure. We hope to do more! Thanks for helping to make this a memorable experience

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Jack & Tommy from Hot Springs, North Carolina
West Highland Way Hike the West Coast Scotland